The perfect interplay of balneology, business management and engineering

With this unique combination of bathing science (balneology), business know-how, technical expertise and precision, we can deliver comprehensive solutions for a variety of requirements. Even if we see ourselves as an overall service provider, we can also offer individual services to meet specific needs at any time.

Our core competences

Equipment + contruction
Business management

Equipment + construction

Because of its large share of the investment and operation costs, the equipment of a pool is one of the keys to its success. Since the planning of the building services is the original speciality of our family business, we can provide dependable, high-quality equipment for bathers and clients.

  • Building services planning
  • Client for our own large projects
  • Conversions as tenant/operator

Business management

Alongside equipment, business management has been growing strongly in importance. With our experience of operation and consultancy, we devise realistic and profitable strategies that meet your needs.

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Business concept and dimensioning
  • Functionality
  • Experience as an operator


The design of an attractive pool calls for a profound understanding of bathing, comprising knowledge of bather behaviour and health. This is the basis on which we build and refine our array of pools.

  • How do people bathe?
  • What makes a pool attractive?
  • What scale of swimming opportunities does a town need?

Pool diversity

We handle all pool types:

Competition pools
Outdoor pools
Leisure pools
Fun pools
Thermal pools
Hotel spas/saunas
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