Consultancy services

In our consultations, we bring pool management, balneology and engineering together – coupled with our understanding of the most effective project procedure.

Feasibility study

An in-depth analysis of the competition and market potential forms the basis for a specif- ic and hence successful strategy in the long term. We pay special attention to clear posi- tioning, market-driven dimensioning and the smooth dovetailing of functions.

Profitability improvement study

On the basis of a detailed operational analysis with benchmarking, we see how we can achieve maximum efficiency for the existing facility. This may or may not involve building activity.

Pools strategy for larger towns or regions

The central issue for a cost-effective regional strategy is: How many and what types of pools does a town or region need? It is a question here of the demand for pool size, pool types, accessibility, location, and cooperation between different local districts.

Advising clients (expert supervision of pool projects)

Serving the client, we give advice on general pool-related issues during the architectural com- petition, planning and construction as well as in pre-opening management.

Business coaching

Even if private operational management is not envisaged, it may be advisable in critical situations to take advantage of our many years of experience as an operator.

Strategic consultations/ investment planning

For older pools that are in need of modernisation and for which further development is desired, strategic investment planning for several years is advisable. Because of the limited financial means, this is often broken down into several building stages.