Planning services

Because of our striving for energy efficiency and dependability, the installations that we plan satisfy the high aspirations of bathers and operators.

Technical modernisation study

On the basis of an in-depth assessment of a pool’s technical condition, it is possible to define the necessary measures and expenditure on repair and rebuilding to ensure sustainable technical operation in the long term.

Energy strategies

In new facilities, energy-efficient design is decisive for keeping operating costs low. Not everything that’s technically feasible is advisable. The idea is to find the cost-effective middle way.

Technical planning

Our original business is the technical planning (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, pool water treatment) of pools of all kinds.
• Basic evaluation and preliminary planning
• Design and execution planning

Expert project management

Project supervision, Site monitoring, Deadline and quality management, Commissioning and acceptance, Handover to the client.

Optimisation of technical operation/energy savings

Rising operating costs highlight the importance of the efficient control of electricity, heat, and water/waste water in existing facilities. The savings potential can be considerable.

Modernisation of equipment and filters

In many cases, existing facilities do not require complete modernisation. For individual technical modernisation measures as well, a neutral and in-depth planning process is important.